Our Story


Dolls For All is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that seeks to better the lives of children in the greater Houston and New Orleans areas by giving hope and love to deserving children in the form of American Girl dolls. 

Dolls For All was founded in 2013 with the mission of spreading love in local communities and brightening children's lives. Since it's inception, Dolls For All has donated over 600 American Girl Dolls to children in various circumstances, including children in foster care, flood victims, and long term hospital situations. 

Dolls For All was created following Becca's eye opening experience when she lived in Europe. After viewing the extreme poverty in Morocco during a trip, Becca wanted to help the children around her that were not as fortunate as she. She loved American Girl Dolls and was one of the only girls with one, although a number of her friends also wanted an American Girl Doll. Inspired by this, Becca was struck by the idea of donating American Girl Dolls to deserving children in hope that the doll would bring joy to the recipient. Returning to the United States, she set out to accomplish her goal of brightening the lives of those around her.

Becca then contacted Anna Jane and invited her on a life changing journey.

They immediately embarked on a mission that has given them the opportunity to meet and help the people in their communities that they would have never encountered otherwise. 

Driven by the desire to help children grow with a positive outlook, they have made numerous connections that expanded their impact in their communities.

Dolls For All has grown exponentially in the past six years, donating 32 dolls the first year, and 108 dolls in 2016. All of this is thanks to the overwhelming support of friends, family, and strangers who were generous enough to support Dolls For All and our goals by donating money and gently used dolls, doll clothing,  and accessories. 

They hope to continue growing Dolls For All for years to come and plan on touching as many lives as possible. Help them in their journey to bring happiness to hundreds of children.