Becca Preston : Co-founder

After traveling to Morocco and being inspired by the challenging conditions of other kid’s lives, Becca began making a difference in the lives of children in her local community by founding Dolls For All. She has spent the last four years giving back to children. Becca serves those around her through Dolls For All, the Larger Than Life Club at her school, and is a part of the Children’s Worship team at her church.

Becca is a sophomore in high school. At school, she is involved in the Literary Club, Speech and Debate Team, Tennis Team, Spanish Club, Screenwriting Club, Student Council, Philosophy Club, Quidditch Team, Women’s Rights Club, and is a varsity cheerleader. Becca is an actress, performing in both school and professional projects. You may even recognize her from local commercials on the big screen and TV.

Becca loves to read and write. She is a published poet and has written a 300 page science fiction novel. Her goals include pursuing her acting career and working in book editing and publishing. 


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Anna Jane Hilbrich : co-founder

There has never been a time that Anna Jane has not valued helping others. Beginning before her first birthday, she began serving along side her family. In middle school, she served in the kid’s ministry at her church, through the Galveston County Food Bank food distributions, served within her school and at local elementary school carnivals. 

Anna Jane is a sophomore in high school. She has remained committed to her service life by volunteering in the music, children’s and nursery programs at her church. She also participates in the student ministry at her church, along with many ongoing community serving programs. 

Anna Jane loves to read and do yoga. She enjoys babysitting and spends many evenings listening to live music. She saw 56 live bands in 2017! After high school, Anna Jane plans to pursue an undergrad that allows her to help children from all walks of life. Her ultimate goal is to be an advocate for children.