Success Stories




In August of 2016, a historic flood washed through Denham Springs in Louisiana, destroying 90% of the homes and businesses. Many families lost everything, so Dolls For All set out to donate dolls to the children effected by the flooding, giving 23 children American Girl Dolls throughout the months of September, October, and November. 


Tayden is an 8 year girl old battling cancer. She was concerned that her hair smelled like chemo when we walked in, but when she saw the big red bags we were carrying, her worries stopped. Words cannot express her excitement to receive not just a doll, but THE doll that she remembers from the American Girl Doll store. When she opened the wrapping and saw Julie's beautiful blond hair, her smile filled the room.

As her cancer progresses, her short term memory is strained and she will lose her sight. Because the future is unknown, we knew she needed hope and hugs this holiday season. Stories like hers are why we work so hard to make dreams come true.   




Our Louisiana branch got a call at the end of 2016 asking if we still had dolls to donate because a single, homeless dad  with 5 kids (3 girls, 2 boys) needed our help with Christmas. The family had all of their belongings in storage and were sadly unable to pay the bill so the storage owners auctioned off all their possessions. They had lost everything. We delivered the dolls to the very grateful and sweet family just in time for Christmas.

WORDS OF excitement

A Houston area 5th grader had experienced such tragedy that when she came to her school, she was largely non-verbal. After a year of hard work, love and support, we met her as her teacher recommended her to be a recipient. When we delivered her doll, her face showed her excitement, but so did her vocabulary! Her joy was contagious and she shared thanks with her hugs and kind words.


Following the Denham springs flooding, a sweet mom contacted Dolls For All in Louisiana. Their family had lost their house and was living with relatives. When we delivered the doll, we were greeted by a thrilled and speechless girl. Inspired by the founder of Dolls For All, she named her doll "Becca" and has decided to raise money so that "another girl can have a doll like hers!"



After the events of the Denham Springs flooding, two single dads who happened to be twins reached out to Dolls For All in Louisiana. Both dads had lost their homes due to four feet of water, resulting in them and their daughters moving in together. When we delivered the dolls, the girls were beyond excited and started playing with their dolls right away. It was such a blessing to get to meet these two wonderful dads and their sweet daughters!

Going Home

They say there is no place like home, and Anna Jane certainly feels that way about our annual trip to Ferguson Elementary. This year, we met Chloe and Camille. These precious twins told us how they went to a birthday party for a friend at the American Girl store, but gave away the balloon party favor because they never thought they would have a doll. Today, that changed. Thanks to wonderful donations, they also have a monogrammed suitcase, a horse and many accessories. This is as good as it gets!

Ferguson counselor, Amy Laird has cheered on Dolls For All from the very beginning. She loves seeing her past students succeed and her current students blessed.





Everyone enjoys delivery day!

Each afternoon, children from the third ward area in Houston are bussed to the after school program at Generation One. In 2016, we delivered six dolls and a treasure chest full of things to Generation One's. The dolls will stay at Generation One and will be played with for years to come. Although we brought girl dolls, even the boys enjoyed playing with sports accessories! We have worked with Generation One for two years and we are very thankful for their ministry to the children in inner-city Houston.