Fundraising 2019

This year, Dolls For All is working on something new. Instead of our previous methods of fundraising, we instead are going to host larger events in order to raise more money and donate dolls to more children. Below are just a few of the ways we are planning on fundraising. Stay tuned for more upcoming fundraisers and events as the year goes on.


Dolls for all night out at the Houston American girl doll store

We are so excited to announce that on October 24, the American Girl Doll Store will be opening up their store to Dolls For All for a private event! This event will be held from 6 to 8 pm and you must have purchased a ticket by October 21. Tickets are available with a $5 donation per person. Each attendee will receive complimentary snacks and goodies to take home with them. This event will be full of shopping, food, and special opportunities. There will be a silent auction with amazing packages and lots of snacks! We are so excited for this event and hope to see you there!


Gently used dolls and doll accessories (Houston and New Orleans) 

Are you in the Houston or New Orleans area? If you are interested in donating gently used American Girl dolls or American Girl doll accessories, contact Anna Jane Hilbrich (Houston) or Becca Preston (New Orleans.) When we deliver a doll, we do our best to give outfits and accessories to each child. This is only possible through the generous donations of clothes, shoes, beds, sporting equipment and more. If you have any 18' doll accessories, we will gladly match them with a deserving receipient and make their gift so special.


Adopt a Doll

As this year goes on, we have many new ways to get involved. While they may not all be an event, we have lots of programs going on. To learn more about adopting a doll for a child through the Child Advocate organization, go to our Adopt A Doll page.